Thursday, October 28, 2010

HIPAA 5010

Remora Bay Co. has an EDI tool that reads all the HIPAA 4010 AND 5010 EDI files (270/271, 276/277, 278/278, 820, 834, 835, 837i, 837p, 837d). It "unwrapps" them (reformats) and loads them into a database and can also re-wrap them in an output file. It is for HIPAA 5010 testing - to be used by BA's and SME's, that need help in the EDI testing process.
     Download FREE demo: There is a modest price: 30.00 for the 5010 Viewer, 45.00 if it has the output/wrapping option and 60.00 if they want the 4010/5010 version. This is offered as inexpensive so Techies, Payers and Plans can get them for their SME's, BA's or Techies.

Remora Bay Co.
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4010/5010 EDI Viewer

We Provide:

  •     HIPAA 5010 EDI Viewers
  • HIPAA 5010 Test Cases / UAT
  • HIPAA 5010 Test Data, with PHI removed

  • Standard Business and Functional Documents – Pre Populated

  •  837i and 837p 5010 Stand-alone solutions for testing or for small providers.  This could be your standard solution for a distributed system.   Ask us about the Remora ICE System.

  •   Ask us about our X12-to-XML Translator

  •   Affordable prices

Our goal here is to increase the quality of your 5010 or ICD-10 projects while reducing the time that it takes to complete them.  Visit us on the Web at: